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Organize your wedding at the Orangerie of Serrant


Making your day unforgettable and your wedding unique by choosing the right place is an important decision. Charm and tranquility are the master words at the Orangerie of Serrant, while giving prestige and comfort to your wedding.

The Reception room



Laid out within a 17th century building, the large reception room has been entirely renovated offering perfect acoustics, and its ancient stone walls and old floor-tiles are most appealing.



The room can easily hold 200 seated people. Furthermore, sockets as well as special fittings with a public address system are available and adaptable to all your needs.

The catering area



The catering area runs on from the main room and its surface area is 50 M2 and can, as such, accommodate any number of employees, catering equipment or miscellaneous stock items.



Sockets and multiple adaptors are at hand in sufficient numbers to fit conveniently both the office space and the needs of the catering service.


The Garden


The Orangery has a 5000 M2 garden or patio protected by a huge surrounding wall, offering an esplanade with both a beautiful view on the frontage of the Orangery and view of the chateau in the background. The 3500 M2 well-kept  lawn may also be used to install a marquee or any other recreation equipment to embellish your reception or wedding celebration.


The esplanade ideally shaded from noon onwards will offer your guests a nice view of this beauty spot and its neighboring countryside.

The whole area within its surrounding wall ensures security and privacy to your reception or wedding celebration.


Extra - The Cocktail



As an extra choice, the grounds of the Chateau de Serrant may be booked for an early evening cocktail. From this area, you’ll have a beautiful view of the chateau and its romantic pond.






Extra - The Cottage



As an extra choice you may rent a lovely cottage, next to the Orangery, composed of two bedrooms and one dormitory for a maximum capacity of 19 people. The youngsters or those wishing to rest will find all the necessary comfort on the spot.