» » The highlights of Serrant

The château hosts one of the most important private collection of furniture in France. Today, you can discover about 15 rooms and among them :


The Library:


12 000 old books are carefuly ordered in the shelves of Serrant's library. You'll discover the Encyclopedia of Diderot, the Napoleon's Egyptian Descriptions, the illustrations made by Piranesi or La Fontaine's Fables with drawings of J.B Oudry. A welcoming atmosphere, unique and reassuring, a jewel to discover.




The Kitchen :

Established in the remains of the Medieval castle, this massive room will surprise the visitors. It proves the sophisticated and luxurious way of life, offering a complete and modern equipment for the begining of the 20th century : 200 copper pieces, kitchen utensils, stove, broiler ...


 The Chapel:

Impressive, its nonstandard size for a provincial castle and its pieces of art make it one of the most beautiful examples of religious art of the 17th century. The most famous artists of the period worked on it: J.H. Mansart, A. Coysevox and Lebrun. The Marquis de Vaubrun’s mausoleum has been admired by the ones who visited the castle. Now, it’s your turn to be amazed by its magnificence.










 The Ebony cabinet:


A cabinet-making masterpiece conserved for more than 300 years inside the castle. Impressiveness and richness mark, it reveals mirrors, rocaille, precious marquetry works and numerous secret drawers. A furniture like you have never seen before!



 During the guided tour, you'll see also :

  • The 1st Empire period room, furnitures and art objects remembering the coming of Napoleon the 1st and Joséphine de Beauharnais at the castle of Serrant.
  • The sitting room, reception hall with numerous valuable items: tapestries, sculptures, cabinet…
  • The room of the Duchess and its dressing room, height of elegance from the Belle Epoque period.
  • The servant's dining room and the laundry room : another facet of a castle life, a way to discover the staff in the early 1900s.

The non-guided part is an additional tour showing you other rooms :


  • The chapel, masterpiece of the 17th century architecture.
  • The Renaissance staircase, with beautiful sculpted ceilings.
  • The dining room and its Empire period table, stamped Jacob.
  • The waiting room and the desk made by A.C. Boulle.
  • The room of the Prince of Tarente and its curious bathroom.
  • The room of the Princess of Tarente and its 18th century’s furnitures
  • The Louis-XV style apartments, bedrooms furnished and designed from Louis XV's period.

You can't visit the inside without having a tour in the English landscaped park created in the 1820s :

  • The "Promenade de la Duchesse" is a path to walk through the grounds, between woods and lakes.
  • The annexes of the castle : dovecote, Duchess' manor, Orangerie (outdoor access only if there's no private event).